Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran

"All powers in the country emanate from the people"

The Twenty sixth Amendment to the Constitution, Passed in 1905

We welcome the 100th anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution with utmost happiness.  And let the celebration of this event assist in the development of a national discourse on flourishing of an independent, free, and prosperous Iran.

The constitutional movement was the glorious intellectual and cultural struggle of our wise and brave forebears who attempted to liberate Iran and establish democracy and end the monarchists' dictatorship and counter the reactionary clerics who wanted to establish "shariah law."

In the past 100 years, Iranians have experienced three great political events: the constitutional revolution, the pro-democracy nationalist struggle under the leadership of Dr. MOssadegh, and the 1979 revolution.  They have experienced the undermining of the constitution by the previous regime as well as more than 25 years of the reactionary policies by the fundamentalist regime.  But the struggle and demand to establish independence, freedom, and a modern democratic system has not been silenced.  The present-day pro-democracy movement of the Iranian people is the continuation of the pro-democracy movement which the constitutional movement was its glorious light.  The main obstacle to the pro-democracy movement is the dictatorial system of clerical regime ruling Iran.

We honor 100 years of struggles of our compatriots, unnamed and well-known alike.  The demands of the constitutional movement have remained unfulfilled, and we continue the struggle to establish a democracy based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all its related covenants and conventions, based on the free vote of the Iranian people, separation of religion and the state, and recognition of the citizenship rights of all Iranians in the republic of Iran.

Shoulder to shoulder, we demand all powers of the country to emanate from the people.

The cooperation and support of intellectuals, artists, thinkers, and historians of the constitutional revolution, as well as those of the pro-democracy youth, women, and men would make the celebration of this event greater.

This event will be held in May, 6th 2006 in: Sartory Säle Köln, Friesenstr. 44-48, 50670 Cologne, Germany.  (entrance: 18:30, begin: 19:30, price: 15€).

Organizing Committee for the National Celebration of the Century of the Constitutional Revolution
Nemat Azarm, Engineer Kamal Aras, Dr. Mehran Barati, Dr. Firouzeh Bani Sadr, Mahmoud Jaafari, Mansour Khaksar, Bijan Dadgari, Dr. Parviz Davarpanah, Dr. Hossein Rezazadegan, Nasser Rahimkhani, Engineer Soheila Sattari, Abbas Salimi, Aliasghar Salimi, Engineer Hassan Shariatmadari, Farzaneh Azimi, Sorour Alimohammadi, Masoud Fathi, Kambiz Ghaemmagham, Dr. Mohsen Ghaemmagham, Col. Sadegh Mahmoudi, Col. Mahmoud Mehran Adib, Dr. Houmayun Mehmanesh, Pouran Nejatbakhsh, Zhaleh Vafa, Farshid Yasaei, Farhad Yassaei

23.09.1384 Solar
14.12.2005 A. D.

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